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Plug into the experience of US Hispanic market-leading brands


“When your marketing effort accurately communicates your brand’s true value with brand messaging that is significantly aligned with the US Hispanic culture, your product suddenly becomes Hispanic”.


 Jaime Marin and his network of global consultants advise some of the top brands on all aspects of brand building for the US Hispanic market.  This advice often includes, In-Culture Marketing, In-Language Marketing, Social Branding, Social Brand-Working, BTL, Brand Activation, Experimental Marketing, Experiential Marketing and Integrated Marketing Solutions.

As an expert in the US Hispanic market, Jaime brings the experience gained working for some of the most relevant and well known brands in the US Hispanic market.  Together with his team of professional marketers, Jaime works collaboratively with department heads and senior management to establish a solid understanding of the fundamental differences and similarities embedded within the US Hispanic culture. 

One important role Jaime and his team play in advising clients, is to help them avoid commonly made mistakes when they try to reach the US Hispanic Market.  Jaime and his team bring forward the cultural essence and characteristics of not only being Hispanics themselves, but the value and impressive competitive advantage that being part of the US Hispanic culture represents.  Jaime’s cultural approach hones in on your brand’s unique attributes, and then he demonstrates in the most meaningful way, how these attributes benefit your target.

Every project Jaime Marin takes is managed by a result-driven approach; he draws on data, cases and experiences collected throughout his involvement with more than thirty internationally well-known brands and help you build a solid and long lasting relation not only with your consumer but with the US Hispanic market at large.

Whether your company is thinking, exploring or planning to launch a new Hispanic marketing initiative, Jaime Marin can help.  Jaime and his team will optimize the essence and presence of your existing positioning and product performance, or, if your brand is in the midst of an extensive brand crisis, Jaime and his team can offer exceptional and highly results-driven branding solutions designed to meet your brand’s challenges of today and into the future.



Four Areas of Major Importance: