Consumer Centric Approach:

Jaime Marin’s consumer centric approach aims to develop world-class strategies and places your brand at the center of the action.  Jaime Marin and his team analyze your brand’s current position in the market and the mind set of the US Hispanic consumer with the aim of optimizing every step required to establish the best and most valuable foundation for your brand to succeed now and in future.

Jaime Marin provides an ethnographic approach and strategic analysis on contemporary culture, consumer trends and cultural branding, and offers a toolbox of business and proven communication solutions specifically design for your brand to interact in a more meaningful way with your consumer.

This includes evaluation and employment of in-house marketing staff, training your team, developing a solid brand and company vision, mission and ambition as well as management of the entire branding strategy and design process.  Tapping into some extensive brand evaluation programs, Jaime’s team unique understanding of what’s required to develop innovative strategies such as in-culture,

in-language and social setting, determines the vision, positioning, communication and commercial strategy of your brand while these efforts directly stimulate social brand interaction.



Consumer Centric Approach:

          •    Brand Team

          •    Brand Vision

          •    Brand Cultural Approach